Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Respects & Props for Rick D...

People familiar with the Philly music scene have no doubt heard of Rick "D" Dobrowolski's passing on April 7th. Rick was the co-owner of the Tritone Bar on South Street in Philadelphia.

Trained Attack Dogs had just played a show at the Tritone the Saturday before, which was a heck of a lot of fun, and afterward we were joking with Rick as we packed up our gear. As the first TAD appearance in years, we started the set with a tribute to friends who were no longer with us, and had no idea we would be counting another within a few days. Rick was in a good mood, looking like a guy enjoying what he did.

Many people have already written more eloquently than me about Rick's bio, his contributions to the Philly music scene, his funny wit. I first really remember Rick from Stalin's Daughter, when TAD played a show at Temple's Mitten Hall with them in 1986. A staple at Revival, Rick kept branching out into promotion and records, his Upstairs at Nicks and Firenze shows steadily building his cred. I didn't initially understand his obsession with Bob and Barbara's Lounge, except that he thought it was the best bar ever. When he opened up the Tritone right across the street from B&B, I was impressed, especially at the breadth of music he booked into the place over the years.

Nancy & I send our condolences, and TAD sends our condolences to Rick's family, to his Mother, to Susan, Doug & Lilly, to Linda, John & Audrey, and to all his friends.

Rick, I hope Heaven has a decent bar - and if not, I hope that you'll open one!


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