Friday, February 09, 2007

Everybody wants the damn baby...

Anna Nicole Smith has passed away - something I feel saddened by (no, really) because the woman has always been an underdog. The media & pundits were downright mean to her on many occasions, but she always kept her head held high, and kept a good attitude. I actually felt very bad for her months ago, when her 20 year old son died in the hospital room right after she gave birth to her daughter, Dannielynn.

Which brings me to my next thought - everybody wants that baby!

Guys are lining up to take paternity tests, which is usually the opposite of what happens when there is a question of fatherhood: her lawyer, her ex-boyfriend, Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband. I'm betting more will surface.


Because the baby could be worth millions as the heir to Anna's former husband, J. Howard Marshall II, (depending on how it plays out in court). Am I cynical enough to think this is the prime motivator? You bet'cha!

I just hope that along the way, people remember the kid is a human being, not a potential windfall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Anna, you'll have to agree when I say that the media played a big part in her death, they just never know or should I say care enough to back off the person so they can have a chance to breathe.And that will lead us right on over to Brittany, the new shark bait! The only difference being age with which comes the wisdom to try to deal with all the publicity which comes with stardom. Hopefully Brittany will have the sense to stay in rehab for a bit longer than 24 hrs, if for nothing else than to get out of the media's eye for a bit.They are pushing her over the edge and she needs to open her eyes back up as to see the rope dangling before it's to late. Her friend Anna Nicole has enough friends where she's at right now without Brittany joining her.

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