trained attack dogs

What the hell is trained attack dogs?
Trained Attack Dogs (TAD) was a Philly band from the mid-to-late 1980's.

Based in West Philly, it was a 3 piece ensemble that sometimes swelled to 5 people, depending on who was drumming or playing guitar.

Primarily, TAD consisted of Keith Souder (vocals), Ken Kramar (guitar) and John Manhardt (bass and personality).

Drummers rotated until we settled with Rich Poor (Rich Hoak) in 1989. David Thrower also played guitar with TAD in 1988 and 1989.

Debuting in 1986 with Eddie Hacksaw on WKDU with the ever-popular cassette "Nazis ate Granny's Gladiolas", TAD was featured on the now legendarily defunct RAVE Records label on the "Discpan Hands" compilation in 1987, and the self-released "Pizza" EP in 1988.

TAD gigged regularly all over the eastern half of the US, and appeared regularly as the house darlings of Club Revival (Revive-Hell) in Philadelphia, where the "Lotsa Fun" cassette was recorded.
The band broke up in a blaze of glory in 1989 when everybody finally figured out they were sick of each other.

Subsequently, John Manhardt served a three year prison term for the murder of Ken Kramar, until evidence was shown in appeals that Ken wasn't dead, just a very low key individual.

Rich Hoak has performed with many bands, including the Grindcore mega-freight-train, Brutal Truth and currently TFD.

David embarked on a journey of self-discovery in Thailand; both the drug trafficking and sex charges were ultimately dropped, enabling Dave to return home to Philadelphia.

Keith moved to Brooklyn in the early 90's... having spent 5 years at the bottom of the East River, he finally surfaced in Philly after his cement shoes loosened.

Listen to these superb selections from Trained Attack Dogs:

Clean your Own House
High Bandwidth / Low Bandwidth
(Discpan Hands)

Big Black Ass Cowboy
High Bandwidth / Low Bandwidth

Alpha Plan-Z
High Bandwidth / Low Bandwidth
(Lotsa Fun)

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