trained attack dogs

More Music from Trained Attack Dogs (high band-width) - click here for low-bandwith version
For your listening pleasure, we present two volumes in MP3 format:

Pizza (Rave Records, 1988)

Lotsa Fun (Self-distributed, 1987)

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Pizza (Rave Records)

Recorded studio, August 1988

Big Black Ass Cowboy (2.5 mb)
Friend Larry (3.8 mb)
Flamehead (4.1 mb)
Wish I Owned a Gun (1.6 mb)

Bonus Track

Clean your Own House
(Discpan Hands)
(333 k)


Keith Souder - vocals
Ken Kramar - this guitar
Dave Thrower - that guitar
John Manhardt - bass
Bob Nichol - killer drums
Recorded at the Warehouse

Clean Your Own House
Discpan Hands Compilation

Keith, Ken, John, Dave - as above
Todd Yoder - drums

Lotsa Fun (Self-Distributed)

Recorded live,January 1987

Intro (111 k)
Psychotic Surfers of La Mirada (1.6 mb)
Big Black Ass Cowboy (2.8 mb)
Love Song (1.7 mb)
Alpha Plan-Z (2.7 mb)
Indian Medicine Car (5 mb)
God's Gonna Be Mad (4.7 mb)
Series of Events (1.6 mb)
Dickheads Fightin' (369 k)
Clean your own House (3.3 mb)
Anhk Salomen (3.4 mb)
Friend Larry (4.1 mb)
Religious Experience / TV Poison (2.8 mb)
Sheer Heart Attack (3.8 mb)
Yeah (2.3 mb)
Extro (287 k)

Keith Souder - vocals
Ken Kramar - guitar
John Manhardt - bass
Todd Yoder - drums