kenkramar friends (no particular order)

Mr. Biggs Myeahh - it's MistaBiggs, see, and he's one tough mug, see, and he's famous, see, and he... uh, plays the accordion...  

Foolio I work with Foolio.
Everybody loves Foolio.

Edward A. Dormer Ed is an sculptor, industrial designer and videographer for the arts. Get to know him...  

Paul Trautwein Paul was a UArts grad student and employee, who has moved out to LA with his spouse Mary Beth, and does interesting web work.  

Kyle Skrinak Imagine Hanna Barbera meets Ingmar Bergman... that's still not intense enough ...

(Here's a typical interaction between Kyle and me.)

Tom Porett Tom is a pioneer artist in electronic and digital art. I'm not kidding, you can look it up on google. He also sells exquisite prints, and likes spicy food.  

Ken Gregory Ken G is a jazz cat... he may not know it, but he is! Here's where you go to find out about him, and check out his music while you're there.